Garage Flooring - Polymer Concrete Coatings

With a professional decorative concrete coating system applied to a garage floor, a rejuvenation of the area can start from the floor up. The garage will become more usable, making the garage another room for work, fun, and even entertainment.

Why Use A Concrete Coating in the Garage

Garage floors have several disadvantages. For starters, concrete can produce repulsive cracks and pit after only a few years from settling and weathering. The porous characteristics of concrete harbor dirt, bacteria and encourage enduring stains from fluids and car debris. In turn, those spots show all the grime and dirt, making the concrete dirty and difficult to wash. 

One popular way to restore a concrete floor is by laying a coat of paint or an epoxy coating; however, this cover-up is not a long-term resolution. Water vapor escapes from the concrete, heat from the tires, lead to bubbling and peeling of paint, leaving the floor looking even worse. ArmorThane decorative floor systems transform damaged, hard to clean, ugly concrete floor space into an artistic, elegant, and durable flooring system. Whether you're looking for common garage floor coatings or a commercial workspace, ArmorThane has a flooring solution that will look great and fit ideally into your budget.

Concrete Coating Materials

Not all coating materials are created equal, nor do they serve the same purpose. There are different materials to fix concrete, fill joints, prevent vapor transmission, and offer UV stability from sun exposure.

Epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic are differing coating systems that use differing polymer resins and curing agents packaged separately but then are mixed just before use. When mixed up and cured, the coating system becomes a solid polymer that gives superior adhesion, hardness, UV stability, and chemical resistance. These characteristics are dependent on the types of resins, solvents, curing agents, and fillers used. The quality, cost, and strength of the coating system are related to the purpose. 

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